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Failing to meet the provisions of a contract, whether they be in regard to the quality of the product, timeliness of completion of the project or failure to disclose material facts, is a breach of contract. Depending on the specific circumstances, the non-breaching party may be entitled to damages caused by the breach.
Our breach of contract lawyers understand the frustrations of dealing with an insurance company's failure to pay a valid claim or a contractor's failure to complete the remodel or building. Call Murray & Damschen, P.C., today for a free assessment of your case.

Construction Defects

Our attorneys handle common construction defects that lead to financial difficulty and damages such as:

Failure to take reasonable measures to avoid these common defects is a breach of the building or remodeling agreement.

Sellers' Failure to Disclose

In cases where sellers purposefully fail to disclose problems with a home they are selling, they may have acted in breach of the purchase agreement with the buyer.  A seller can be held responsible for damages suffered by a purchaser as a result of their failure to disclose known defects in the property.  In many cases the seller who has been found to have knowingly failed to disclose may also be held responsible for paying the purchasers attorneys fees.

Insurance Company Negligence Law Firm

Our breach of fiduciary duty attorneys have years of experience handling cases involving insurance bad faith, construction or remodel delays, construction defects, and other breach of contract issues. We are trial attorneys first and foremost. However, we have also handled several construction-related cases in arbitration and mediation, in situations where the relevant contract requires alternative dispute resolution.

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