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Colorado Home Construction Defect Lawyers

If you are experiencing difficulties due to construction defects, call Murray & Damschen, P.C., today for a free assessment of your case.

Homebuilding Defects Lawyers

We handle Colorado construction defect law cases that involve anything that can go wrong with the design and building of a house, including:

Expansive soils: Much of the soil in the Denver metro area and throughout Colorado contains clay soils that can expand with great force when it gets wet, lifting floor slabs and even entire foundations. If a builder does not build the home to address this soil expansion, or does not obtain site specific soils reports and follow a geotechnical engineer's recommendations in constructing the home, the expansive clay soils can lift and damage the home. One solution to this problem is to construct the home on piers and install perimeter drain systems and structural floor systems that leave a crawlspace under the house as a protection from the movement of the soils. Unfortunately, an improperly built drainage or flooring system can lead to additional problems, including mold.
Often, the first signs of serious structural damage can be hairline drywall cracks, cracks in concrete, or sticking doors and windows. Many homeowners first disregard such signs of movement or are told by the builder that such cracks are minor and are to be expected in any new home. Don't ignore such signs. If you think that your home may be beginning to show signs of movement caused by expansive soils, contact our firm to discuss your rights.

Building envelope defects: Problems with the exterior construction of the home can lead to significant damages. These problems can include leaking roofs, leaking windows and doors, siding and exterior surface failures, and improperly installed vapor barriers or flashing.  Such leaks can cause mold, rot and structural deterioration of the home.

Real or synthetic stucco (EIFS) systems: Stucco exteriors are common in Colorado and can give a home an elegant appearance.  However, an improperly installed stucco system can crack and lead to significant internal damage. Stucco or EIFS systems, if not properly installed or sealed, can allow water to be trapped in the walls of a home, which can rot away at the home's integrity.

Mold and water damage: Mold is becoming one of the most significant problems resulting from defective home construction. If a home is not properly sealed on the outside or does not have appropriate drainage systems, moisture can get in and cause mold to grow and can even lead to rot and structural damage. Defective roofing and window flashing can also allow moisture and mold inside a home.

Go to our case photos page to view some of the types of damages that can be caused by construction defects.

Structural Damage Attorneys

Our homebuilding defect attorneys can help you get fair and just compensation. We are experienced construction defect litigators, but also represent clients in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) such as mediation and arbitration. We can also advise on issues impacting your homeowners claims.

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