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Claims Brought by Homeowner Associations

Many construction defect matters arise in the construction of condominium, townhouse and other multi-unit residential construction projects. When defects impact common elements or multiple units, Murray and Damschen, P.C., can represent the HOA to address the construction defects impacting it's member's homes. Our attorneys work with homeowner associations and their consulting experts to get construction defects repaired. We strive to obtain repairs that go to the heart of the issues. Surface repairs that fail to address the underlying problems are short term and do not serve the true needs of the association. We help homeowner association boards identify qualified and experienced construction experts and forensic engineers to evaluate problems, suggest appropriate repair alternatives and prepare cost estimates.

As experienced construction defect attorneys, we are able to explain the legal and factual issues and alternatives to association members. We can attend meetings to address the concerns of members at board meetings at all stages of the process. As a small firm, we provide a high level of personal service to our clients.

We have represented HOAs in Denver and the mountain communities. We have represented homeowner associations in Colorado seeking damages for construction defects such as:

Structural defects.
Negligent deck construction.
Expansive Soils, Soil heave and settlement related matters.
Grading and drainage.
Water infiltration.
Building envelope design and construction defects.
Defective roof design and construction.
Negligent design and workmanship.

Before resorting to costly and time-consuming litigation, we work with clients to make reasonable attempts to resolve problems with builders and developers. If a builder or developer will engage in reasonable negotiation, settlement without the need of litigation can be a win-win for all involved.

Claims Brought Against A Homeowners Association

As an owner of a unit within a condominium, townhouse and other multi-unit residential construction project, your property can be damaged by the Homeowners Association's failure to properly maintain and repair the common elements of the project, such as roofs and other components of the a building's exterior. Such disputes are often decided based upon the interprtetation of complex convenants and declarations which define the scope of each of the parties' resposibilities for maintaining different aspects of the property.  At Murray & Damschen, P.C., we represent the interests of individual unit owners who have sufferd damage due to the HOA's failure to perform the required repair and maintenance of the project and we are well versed in evaluating such claims.  

Our goal is to give owners the home they were promised and thought they were buying. Depending on your case, we handle matters on hourly, contingency, or a mixed hourly/contingency fee basis. We try to work with you to formulate a fee agreement that fits your needs.

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