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Even in the relatively dry climate of Colorado, mold and rot are serious issues impacting homes in Colorado. While some builders and contractors will actually claim that mold is simply not a problem in Colorado, at the Law Offices of Murray & Damschen, P.C., we have handled many cases involving serious damages and mold caused by water infiltration through defectively designed or constructed and installed roofs and exterior building envelope systems. Our water damage claim lawyers have helped many people in situations similar to yours, and we sincerely hope that we can help you, too. To find out more, call Murray & Damschen today for a free consultation.

Roof and Building Exterior Defect Lawyers

Water can enter your home for an extended period of time and cause serious damages without even being seen. In many cases, the construction defects may be on the roof, or hidden behind the siding or other building exterior materials, and not readily observable to the homeowner.

EIFS is a "synthetic stucco" product that was designed to replace traditional stucco as a home exterior and has caused particularly serious problems. Traditional stucco systems, if constructed appropriately, are designed to manage water that enters the system through the installation of a secondary weather-resistive barrier, flashing and weeps.

Unlike traditional stucco and other building exterior systems, the original barrier type of EIFS system did not incorporate the use of a secondary moisture barrier. Instead, it was required to prevent all water penetration at the outer surface. Construction of such systems required an attention to detail that few contractors actually provided. If water does penetrate the outer barrier, very serious damage can arise due to the fact that, once the water enters the system or the wall cavity, it cannot escape because the EIFS itself acts as a barrier to keep the water in the walls. Water trapped in walls that have insulation, wood, OSB sheathing and drywall creates an ideal environment for mold growth and rot. In many cases, these problems are not seen for years because the damage is hidden in the walls.

Many of the more recently constructed EIFS systems are designed to incorporate a drainage layer under the system to assist in the efficient removal of any water that enters the system. The correct installation of this system again requires an attention to detail that is often lacking and can lead to similar serious damage issues. Often water enters wall cavities around penetrations such as windows and doors. For any type of building exterior, including EIFS, flashing and other important waterproofing details around windows and doors are critical components. If any exterior system is improperly installed, excess moisture can be trapped in the walls, causing water damage and mold.

Structural Floor Mold Contamination Law Firm

Many homes in Colorado are constructed with structural floors systems in the basement over crawlspaces. This construction has been adopted as one way of addressing expansive soils issues. However, if the drainage system and crawlspace vapor barrier are not constructed and installed appropriately, this area of the home can also be the source of water damage, mold and rot. In Colorado, the existence of standing water in a crawlspace is a serious issue that can be evidence of a defect that can lead to serious structural damages to the home.

Colorado Mold Contamination Law Firm

Mold contamination can also be a health concern for some people. At Murray & Damschen, P.C., our defect attorneys focus on having mold issues evaluated by qualified experts, locating and addressing the defects that have allowed mold to become a problem, and working to have the mold problem corrected by qualified mold remediation contractors who will utilize accepted cleaning methods and follow accepted industry criteria to assure the job is handled correctly.

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